chris sumption

A native northwesterner who codes accessible web content by day and spends his nights and weekends with family, abstract painting, science fiction illustration, graphic design, and digital humanities research.


Compliant, accessible web content using HTML, CSS, WCAG, JavaScript, JSON, XML, PHP, WordPress, SharePoint, TeamSite, Drupal and AEM.


Metadata interoperability research, historical space-time tagging, programming interfaces, data visualizations, and historical sandboxes.


Digital and analog illustration projects that are heavily influenced by Syd Mead, Edward Hopper, Charles Wysocki and Leiji Matsumoto.


Design and photo projects from the architectural, education, entertainment, hospitality, manufacturing, sales, and signage, industries.


Chris Sumption was born in Portland, Oregon. He eventually moved with his family to Washington State where he divided his time between watching airplanes land, playing with Legos, and blowing up his action figures. He received an Industrial Design Technology degree from the Seattle Art Institute and a Bachelor of Science in Informatics from the University of Washington. Chris currently resides in Seattle with his wife Caren, and works in web content management, web development, website ADA compliance, graphic design, and illustration. In his spare time he pursues digital humanities research into interoperable historical visualizations, applications associated with archival encoding standards, and abstract painting.

artist statement

From my earliest experimentations with Legos to my appreciation of artists like Edward Hopper, Syd Mead, Charles Wysocki and Leiji Matsumoto, I have always had a strong fascination with geometric shapes and an aggressive use of perspective. I strive to give inanimate objects a life of their own. This is accomplished through the use of conceptual and suggestive techniques, often avoiding total refinement of my subject matter. I use a range of materials from acrylics on canvas to completely digital formats, often combining mediums. Currently, I am exploring two creative directions. The first is a more traditional, digital, illustrative style, which focuses on science fiction subject matter–the second is abstract paint on canvas expression, combining my product rendering background with my love of geometry and perspective.


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Chris Sumption